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14th Sunday of the Year

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The feeling of failure is often accompanied by doubts and the “if only” syndrome.  We have a tendency to take ‘failure’ very personally.  It may be we feel we are failed parents, spouses, priests, deacons.  For all those featuring in the Sunday Readings, failure on one level or another is par for the course.  The important thing in life is that we do, at the time, what we consider to be the best in obedience to consciences informed by Christ in his church.  We are rare successes if we can become and remain human in a dehumanising world.  We are rare if we have a lively faith that never fails to trust in the goodness of God.
Have a good week.

Fr. Richard
Image: Ezekiel by Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel,

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