Letter from Father Richard

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Jesus sometimes has a fairly shocking way of talking. He is frighteningly confrontational. He puts Himself on a par with God.

Only God could ever say “Unless you prefer Me over and above your father and mother, daughter or son you cannot be worthy of Me.”

What is shock? A jolt, an event that knocks us off the course we are on in life. Shocks, interrupt our usual patterns of behaviour. Shock, any kind of trauma makes us think afresh. If we are lucky it can set us on a path in life that is more rich, vivid and life giving.

JESUS Himself, in a sense is a shock. He is EMMANUEL, GOD WITH US. He is PRINCE OF PEACE reconciling us to the FATHER. He is the PIVOTAL POINT of history, universal and personal.

We speak of time being B.C. or A. D. Those who are in the process of conversion think in similar terms of B.C. and A.D.

Have a good week.

Fr. Richard