Letter from Father Richard

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Towards the end of the liturgical year the readings the Church puts before us are those to do with ‘endings’. Themes will be ‘judgement’, ‘death’, ‘accountability’. What we will discover is that God has a plan. We do not live in a random universe, without purpose or meaning.

Our history as Christians includes the history of Israel. It is HIS story. HIS being God. God’s story of His dealings with a people He has chosen for His own. That story continues in the individual lives of His people. His story is our story.

Our story is a reflection of our interaction with God and His people, our brothers and sisters. It is forever exciting, sometimes having us on a knife edge, sometimes monotonous, like being in a desert. Even the desert is not silent.

Do you want as part of your story or your history to include God or exclude Him?

“O that today you would listen to His voice, harden not your hearts.” Ps 94

Have a good week.
Fr. Richard