Letter from Father Richard

Dear Brothers and Sisters

As we approach the end of the liturgical year, the themes of the readings are to do with judgement, the end of the world, our own eventual death and the second coming of Christ.

These themes remind us that we have a purpose in life, a task to be fulfilled. They give us a gentle reminder to reflect on how well we are pursuing the goal that God has set for us.

If you are married, what are you doing to keep your marriage alive? If you are a child, what are you doing to contribute towards family life? How alive are you? As Christians what are you doing to foster your growth in faith?

Life doesn’t just happen. We have freedom of will to make choices, and make things happen.

Jesus came to change the world for the better. He invites you and me to assist Him in that task. Stay awake!

Have a good week.

Fr. Richard