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Daily relationship with God

I read yesterday's (Tuesday's) Daily Reflection in Bible Alive and it makes clearer, to me at least, what I should be doing every day, throughout the day: maintain a relationship with God. I can't pretend that I am very good at making this happen during my day, but I do try. The thought is based on Bible Alive's reflection on Mark 2:23-28, Jesus's telling the Pharisees that the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath.

It is particularly comforting if things are going wrong, to have a chat with God, perhaps in the person of Jesus. And it is gratifying to express your gratitude when things are going right, or if something wonderful happens. If only I could remember more often . . .

This is the paragraph that got me thinking:

"Perhaps today we can simply take up the thought that our own time – each hour of the day – is a way of being in relationship with God. We can view our day today as one which is lived in God’s presence. If we have work that we do, we can see it as sharing in God’s creative work. If we have a family to care for and nurture, we can view our day as fulfilling our vocation to parenthood – a vocation given by God. Let us ask God to bless our day and let us dedicate our day to him."

But the whole of yesterday's Daily Reflection is worth reading, in my view.


Ease of reading the website

Someone has commented that the typeface on the website was too difficult to read. I've increased the size as a temporary measure, but I shall research other ways of improving the accessibility of the website.

Do let me know what you think.


p.s. I have changed the colour of the text (the links) in the sidebar of the Blog (this page), but I'll also look at a facility to increase the size of any text by the reader. The BBC's website has such a facility. I want to avoid making the text any larger as it would take up rather too much room.

Thanks for your comments.


The Wisdom of John Henry Newman

This quote from John Henry Newman is in today's Reflections from Bible Alive; I found it quite inspiring.

‘God has created me to do him some definite service. He has committed some work for me which he has not committed to another. I shall do good. I shall do his work. I shall be an angel of peace, a preacher of truth in my own place – while not intending it – if I do but keep his commandments and serve him in my calling. Therefore I will trust him.’


Improving the Website

Do let me know if you want to put something on the website, or if you would like to see an addition to the information displayed (or, indeed, how it is displayed). The website is a resource for the Parish, for all of us, so use it if you wish.

God bless


Prayer for today — St Anselm

O Lord my God,
Teach my heart this day where and
how to see you,
Where and how to find you.
You have made me and remade me,
And you have bestowed on me
All the good things I possess,
And still I do not know you.
I have not yet done that
For which I was made.
Teach me to seek you,
For I cannot seek you
Unless you teach me,
Or find you
Unless you show yourself to me.
Let me seek you in my desire,
Let me desire you in my seeking.
Let me find you by loving you,
Let me love you when I find you.

(St Anselm)

Help needed with Christmas Bazaar

Here's a message from the Entertainments Committee:

I am sure that you have noticed the sheets of paper spread about the Church, asking for help with the Christmas Bazaar, but perhaps you feel that you wanted more details before volunteering to help.
Let me give you some dates and times, and then perhaps, you can allocate some of your time.

On the evening of Wednesday, 23rd November, at 7pm, people will be in the “Basilica” (the long hut beside the car park), to sort out donations.

On Thursday, l 1st December, after the 9.30am Mass, we will move the chairs and kneelers, and bring in the big tables, and that evening at about 7pm, we will be filling the tables.

On Friday 2nd December, Mass will be celebrated in the Sanctuary behind the folding doors. After Mass is finished, we will continue to sort, separate and prepare for the next day as well as decorating everything, while the Market Square lights are being switched on.

On Saturday, 3rd December, about 9am, we will tie the Bazaar notices to the railings nearby, prepare the potatoes and other food in the clubroom and wait for the fresh cakes to be brought in.

At 11am our local MP, Alistair Burt, will open the Bazaar, which is when we will need help behind the stalls.

At the end of it all, some unsold items will be put back in the “Basilica” prior to recycling. The floor has to be swept, the money counted, and all the furniture replaced ready for the 6.30pm Mass. We would be very grateful if you would talk to us about helping, even If it is something you have never done before!


New Roof, looking good!

Here is my first photograph of the front of St Peter's with its new signs and roof. It looks great, in time to welcome Father Eamon to his new parish.



New lists of ministers.

I've updated the lists of Eucharistic Ministers and Readers for this period. The ones there seemed to be quite out-of-date, but so I must have forgotten to insert the newest ones for a while.



Farewell Fr Tad

Thanks to Fr Tad for again visiting us and giving us a different view of the world and of witness from a different perspective. Fr Tad left a couple of documents on the Parish noticeboard, documents relating his work in Russia. He sent them to me a few days ago to put on the website and this seemed to be the best place for them.

I hope that you enjoy reading them, but let me know if the format is difficult, or if the documents won't open on your computer.

God bless


Brief history of Russia – Fr Tad

Fr Tad's memories
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